Monday, March 2, 2009

What is it about us?

Alicia, her mom and I were sitting in Grandview Hospital cafeteria and I said..."Ever since I met you (alicia), I've been to the hospital more times because of you and Christian then I have in my whole life!" And then we all let at an exhausted laugh.

Christian spent the night at Alicia's mom on friday night because we had my uncle's wedding to go to. She said he woke up and he seemed fine and normal. He had a little fever and he complained that his head was hurting. She called me and asked for his insurance information because she wanted to take him to the ER at Grandview Hospital. She said he had a lump the size of a baseball right beneath his right ear.

By the time we got there, he already had a CT scan and an X Ray and they were still in the ER, Jack was with Christian and "Nana". The nurses and doctors were preparing to move him upstairs for an overnight stay in the Pediatrics ward. They have already taken numerous vials of blood and he was already hooked up to an IV to get antibiotics, which he's still on, every 6 hours.

Christian is still at Grandview and he may be there again tonight. He's in his own room and doesnt have to share it with anyone. Alicia has been with him continuously. I spent Saturday night and Sunday with him. Today, the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor (ENT) will be in to evaluate Christian and see what the next step will be. Either they will send him home with antibiotics or keep him overnight and drain the infection. I'm waiting for a call from Alicia to see...

I'll keep everyone posted and Thank you to everyone who stopped by or wished Christian well!

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