Monday, March 30, 2009

Ultrasound Appt *UPDATE*

Everything went well...the doc said the baby is nearly 5 pounds! This baby has Christian beat already! They werent able to tell us the length though. The baby is growing nicely and they said that based off the weight and development, they put Alicia ahead a week so shes now 33 weeks. Lastly, the position of the baby is where it should be for this time. The babies head is down and ready to come out!

FYI: They didnt tell Alicia the sex of the baby

*UPDATE* The technician said that there looks like a growth on the babies kidney. They reassured us that its probably nothing, in most cases it utnrs out to be nothing. Alicia has another ultrasound appt in 6 weeks to look at the growth to see if they can determine what it is. If Alicia should go earlier then that, when the baby is out they will do an ultrasound on the baby to see.

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Nana911 said...

Oh my Oh my!...well don't forget to call day or night when you need to call... LOL WOW! I'm getting excited!....and I miss my peanut. :)