Monday, March 30, 2009

Like the pictures?

Christian, as you can see on the right, is starting to wear underwear! We went shopping this weekend for him and he got to pick out his own. He picked out ones with trucks on them and one with trains...He's doing really well so far, no accidents! We still put a pull up on at night time though.

It was a nice weekend, the Dino exhibit was nice. Christian really liked the different kinds of dinosaurs. We didnt go to planetarium, he wasnt having a good day. Alicia and I spent the day cleaning up our room (the only room that was never cleaned since we moved in).

The weather wasnt very nice on sunday. They called for rain and we got that plus high winds, hail the size of gum balls and a tornado warning for Berks County.

Alicia has her ultrasound appt today, hoepfully they can tell us about how big the baby is!

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