Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I freaking did it!

I’m another step closer to my dream….while its not a major accomplishment, i passed the civil service test to be a police officer! The next part of the test is the physical fitness test and that's pass or fail. Now if i pass both of these tests its not saying i’m going to be offered a job, that would be nice, its like being prescreened for an interview. If i should pass these test then they send my scores/results to all 24 police departments in Berks county and then if one of them is hiring or interested they will contact you for an interview. Just one step closer!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Wait to have kids



This is what we pay a year AFTER government assistance. Granted we are lucky to not have to pay the full tuition of $2k+ a month but still…it makes you wonder how anyone can afford daycare, afford to work, afford to live….interesting. So think twice before having kids! Make sure your really ready!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Christmas is over. The boys gave us the best Christmas present ever…they woke up at 7:30 yesterday morning and 7 this morning! The weatherman got it wrong again, there was no white Christmas. Sad. One year I would like it to snow ON Christmas. However, were suppose to get snow tonight and tomorrow but….we’ll see.

As usual we went to our families house on Christmas eve and as usual I had to work until 2. Had a great time with family and it was great to see everyone again. It was a long night though. We left work at 2 and got home at 10:30. The boys got a lot of great gifts from family too. Jackson got a John Deere riding tractor and Christian got a few new board games too. At each of our families house we sang happy birthday to Christian and he just loved it…he was so bashful!

Christmas morning the boys had a good time. Jackson saw the Police car we got them, he went right over to it with he biggest smile on his face! He refused to get out and open any more presents….Christian got the hang of opening presents. He would rip the wrapping paper off, look at the gift then ask for another one. Jackson on the other hand would tear a little piece off at a time, gently place it next to him and repeat until the gift was unwrapped.

It was a nice lazy day too…we all stayed in our pj’s and didnt leave home. I took a nap and Alicia made a great ham dinner for us! Christmas 090 Christmas 091 Christmas 092

Here’s a link for the rest of Christmas pictures!