Monday, March 23, 2009

Drum roll please...

I finally got a call from her. She said it took so long because she had to wait nearly an hour to be seen, even though her appt was at 10:30. Alicia said it was short and sweet. I know the biggest thing on most peoples mind is, "Is she dilated more?"

The answer....Dont know, she said they didnt look down there.

She got back her test results from her gestational diabetes test and they said she PASSED, barely...Alicia didnt go into details but she needs to be careful what she eats, not only becasue of her border line results but because they baby may get too big for delivery? Not sure what that means and I'll ask Alicia.

The best news of the appt was they told her there was a good chance she can have a vaginal birth! Alicia said she cried when she heard the news. The docs at the Reading Hospital said they havent recieved her records from St. Joe's in Phoenix and once they recieve them they'll now if a vag birth is possible.

So far, so good! Next monday is her Ultrasound appt!

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