Thursday, March 19, 2009

Made it over the hump

Check out the new Youtube video...Its of my little brother and his loose tooth. You can watch it from the blog, just scroll down to the Youtube videos or you can watch it at

So things have been going smoothly...we've made it longer then christian! He was born already...but things are going really well. Alicia has a doc appt on monday and we'll see how things are going. She's been having braxton hicks contractions though. WE KNOW ITS NOT REAL LABOR. They are very sporadic and are inconsistent with real contractions. Alicia started to really feel them about a week ago and she'll mention them at her appt.

The baby is going through a growth spurt now, well, according to them emails she gets. Yesterday Alicia said she was sitting on the couch and she felt the baby rolling around and when she looked down at her stomach the baby was on one side of her stomach pushing out. She said it looked like a huge lump on her stomach and really hurt. She said the baby did it a few times.

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