Friday, March 27, 2009

This weekend and Surgery Again?

There still hasnt been a final decision made of my fate...they said by next week though. Christian's not feeling well again. His lymph node is starting to swell up again and he has another ear infection. Alicia took him to the doctors yesterday. His doc said that when he is done with his ear infection they want him to see an Ear Nose and Throat doctor about his tubes. She thinks he may need to have his tubes put back number 3 for him! poor Christian...

This weekend is going to be jammed packed with fun things to do! Tomorrow we are taking Christian to the Reading Public Museum for their DINO EXHIBIT!!!! He seems to be getting into dinos and since its free, why not! I plan on painting the front and back doors and the trim too. I plan on visiting the library to do some job hunting. The museum has a planetarium as well and they have a show on Sunday called The Enchanted Reef. Its a 30 minute show about a few fish friends who have to save their reef! Its been a while since I've been to a planetarium so it should be neat. I'm taking Christian with me and Alicia can stay home and relax.

Also, Christian wont be taking the Big Brother class at the hospital. Sad. They said that they have a strict age requirement and 3 years old is the minimum. Its 11am now, 6.5 hours until its the weekend.

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