Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost over....

This week seemed to drag on...I cant wait for Sunday morning. I wont have to set my alarm, however, the Christian alarm usually goes off around 6! Christian had is follow up doc appt yesterday. They said that his lump seems to be gettin better. Christian lost 4 pounds...he's down to 24 lbs now. Little scary. The doctor also question the number of times he's been sick. She thinks its a little odd that he's been sick so many times. She believes there is something wrong with his immuneglobin's. His doctor wants to do some blood test to see if this is whats wrong. She said that it could be something that Alicia carries and the new baby can have it as well. I'll let everyone know whats going on with this once we know!

Back to work for another 45 minutes and then again tomorrow!

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