Friday, March 20, 2009

Morning Drama

Boys will be Boys!

Christian locked himself in the car this morning. Alicia and him drove down this morning so they can say hi to a few people. Christian was sitting on my lap in the driver seat and Alicia in the passenger seat. I got out to go into the branch and Alicia went to switch and thats when Christian shut my door and pushed the lock button.

Cherie and I were banging on the door trying to get Christian to push the damn button while Alicia was on the phone with the police. They gave us two options, the police officer can break the window or wait for a tow truck. He was hitting the Lock/Unlock button but only was pushing the lock part. Christian gave up on trying to push the button at one point. He was sitting on the passenger seat and reached down and got his cup and his book and sat there looking at his book!

It was sad because towards the end of the ordeal, he kept saying he wanted out and kept pushing on the door. Alicia is balling her eyes out the whole time...she didnt see the humor in it, it was a little funny in the begining and Christian was laughing too!

About 25 minutes passed and Christian's hand slipped on the unlock button.

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Nana911 said...

Well I guess that would explain why she sounded the way she did this morning when i talked to her briefly...she didn't mention what happened..she was trying to see my grandfather...LOL that little stinky Peanut!