Monday, March 23, 2009

Pet Expo, Doors and A New Bike....OH MY!

This weekend was the Pet Expo and boy...what a time. We saw horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, lizards, pigs and tigers. According to the Reading Eagel nearly 30,000 people showed up...more people showed up for the Pet Expo then the Family Expo! Christian was in awe, there were so many dogs and cats there! Everywhere Christian turned he would say "Daddy look, Puppy...woof woof." or "Look, cat...meow meow." You were allowed to bring your pets but we didnt, KC would have been too much. It was a nice time and a great way to kill three hours and $40!

For Christmas Christian got a new Schwinn bike from his Great Grandparents. I set it up last week for him and we tried it on Sunday. His legs just reach the pedals even with the seat all the way up! I pushed him around while his pushed the bell. Christian liked it for a while until he crashed into the fence and then he got off and told his bike to "Stop and Stay" and just walked away. We'll just put it away for another day.

I finally changed the locks on the front and back door...and I decided that this weekend were going to paint the doors and door frame because its so dirty. Alicia has her doctors appt at 10:30 so I'll post the news of that when I know.

PS: It seems like Hailey is very popular...

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