Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hows that song by Blink 182 go? "Works sucks...I Know"

It sucks when your accused of doing something and you know that you didnt do it. There's no way of proving your innocence's, its their word against yours...and they're never wrong. Its been two days now that I have been stressing over this. Now there are talks of probation and this going on my record.

There's no recourse for "them". They micro manage us but dont care what "they" do. They can leave when ever they want, they can take unlimited days off, they can go shopping in the middle of the day, hell, they dont even have to show up if they dont want to and they can get away with it, thats because they never get reprimanded for it.

Maybe I'm just a little bitter about this but I dont trust "them". The one day I dont put my own stuff away, this happens. Great...

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