Monday, March 9, 2009

Medical Assitance

Stupid medical assistance. We finally got approved mid January and now they want all our information again. Birth cert., social security cards, drivers license, paystubs, proof of pregnancy, our first born....well maybe not that but its just ridiculous! And they want them all by friday...

Alicia had her first doc appt this morning. Got to hear the babies heart beat for the first time. They didnt really say too much, just no sex from now on. They said her cervix is a little over 1cm dilated, OH NO!!!! lol. They dont have a def. date yet but May 14th will probably be her C section. She has to go for a glucose test on thursday and then she'll find out when her ultra sound appt will be.

This weekend we cleaned, a lot. We organized and cleaned out the basement. We have 2 months to go so we need to get cleaning.

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