Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Not again

At Christian's 4am treatment Alicia noticed that on his left side of his neck there was a new bump. It was small and soft but she wanted to ask about it. The bump on his right side is slowly going away, you can still see it...anyway. So around 8 this morning a nurse from CHOP came in and looked at him. She said they were planning on discharging him today but they arent sure now. They want to talk with the ENT and see what he thinks. He should be in later today.

Christian didnt eat his lunch or dinner yesterday and only had a few pieces of fruit yesterday. He didnt drink much more then 6oz either. The one nurse said that it could be because of the antibiotics because thats one of the side effects. The other thing that Alicia's mom and her noticed that whenever he's getting a fever he complains that his hands hurt and are hot. The nurses havent said anything about it....

Now we just wait until the ENT comes to see what the next step is

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