Monday, April 20, 2009

Were like....Famous now

Well, not really and not even close to that but...I dont know if I mentioned this before but I got an email from an editor at the Reading Eagle about including our family in their Mothers Day Edition of the Reading Eagle. They asked us a bunch of questions about our life and asked if they could photograph us. Well, I recieved a call from the editor again and they would like to photograph us! I know were not the only family to be asked but its such an honor to be asked. They will be coming out to our house tomorrow night at 5 to take pictures.

Also, tomorrow is Alicia's doctors appt.


Nana911 said...

yeah....well your family is definately something to be proud of. :)

Steve and Steph said...

Hey I saw that you're following my blog and I can't recall how we know each other...? Do you know me or my husband? Details would make me feel a lot better thanks!