Monday, April 6, 2009

I had a dream last night that we found out the sex of the baby and it was a girl!

It was an okay weekend. I realized that its my last 2 day weekend before the baby comes. I'll be working 6 days a week until the baby comes...thats about 5 weeks to go!

Alicia's mom and grandmother came down on saturday afternoon and we all went tothe fairgrounds mall. They really wanted to go the JC Penny Outlet store. Not much exciting on Saturday. We just did a lot of cleaning and organizing...preaparing for the baby.

Sunday morning I finally got around to painting the front door, well the weather finally was nice enough...It looks so nice. The door was orignally a peachy color and its now a classic red! At first it looked like Barbie pink!
Still not done the door, still need to paint the window slates white but it looks much nicer!

The Ice Cream House down the street had a little Easter Egg hunt. We took Christian there and he had a lot of fun. Somehow he knew just what to do! There was a lot of kids in the 1-3 age group, there was probably more parents then kids...I stood near Christian and let him do his was so neat to see him running to all the eggs and shaking them. Alicia stood at the end and took pictures. Below is the picture, more parents then kids...and there's Christian, in the front and center of the pack!

After the egg hunt we went for a drive to Blue Marsh lake since the weather was so nice. We decided that we would finally drive by the John and Kate Gosselin house, we live so close to it but never actually drove by. Its only 5 minutes down the we found it and its weird to see it on TV and then in person. They have huge solar panels on the roof and the house is actually closer to the road then it looks on TV. And the icing on the cake, Kate and one of the kids were playing on a tractor on the driveway!

The last time we went to Blue Marsh Lake it was frozen over and covered in snow. We went to the boat launching dock and walked around. KC was scared of the water and the waves crashing. She would whine everytime the water came near her so I solved the problem by throwing her into the lake. After that she was fine. Christian had a good time walking around and throwing rocks into the water. He like watching the boats too. Below is a picture of us watching the boats...

Our next door neighbor gave us a lot of girl clothes. Her daughter just turned a year old on Friday and they wanted to clean out their closets so they know that we are pregnant (obviously) and that we dont know the sex of the baby but gave us clothes from newborn to 12 months that are all girl clothes. She gave us a bathtub and offered us a bassinet and a baby swing. Were so close and I wish we knew!

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