Monday, April 27, 2009

I cant believe it...its all over!

We finally finished the back yard this weekend! We started it about three weeks ago and we completed it yesterday. Well, I did most of it and Alicia helped where she could. We went to home depot and bought sod, a garden fence and new soil. It took me two days to put it down and finish digging up the old, dead grass...but its done. It was a big project we wanted to get finished before the baby comes so that we can enjoy it for the summer! The hard part is done now we need to put the finishing touches on on the left is going to be our garden, someday!

We didnt do much this weekend. We spent most of it outside because it was so nice! We had the windows opened and the doors and it was so nice, except that it was 88 degrees inside...Alicia and I slept in the basement last night because it was so cool. Christian was having a rough night. He was extremely tired but fought it. He didnt go to sleep until after 11pm. We did his normal routine around 7:30 and at 9:30 he was still screaming and throwing things so we let him sit on the couch with us and watch some tv and tried again at 10:45 to put him down. Still screamed and fought it.

Alicia is doing really well. The baby shows no signs of coming out anytime soon! Its very active, you cant watch her belly roll and all the babies kicks. Its really neat to watch. It cool when the baby moves and it gets "stuck" in a spot and you can press on that spot and feel the baby. Alicia is definitely ready for the baby to come out. She's had enough of it. She drank at least a gallon of water this week...I know I'm ready for everything to be over so Alicia can feel better and do "normal" walking up a flight of stairs!

We got Christian a present this weekend. We got him something he can play with outside in our "new" backyard. Its a water & sand has little gadgets you can send water or sand through. It has a race track around it and an umbrella too! He played with it for an hour straight last night!

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Brittany said...

Looks goods! I dug up my garden like a month ago and still haven't finished it.