Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best Day off Ever!

My day off yesterday was very productive. Not only did I get a lot of things done around the house, I got to spend some one on one time with Christian. We did go to the Hands on House in Lancaster. It was a nice drive there, only 30 minutes and we got to see a lot of horse drawn carriages.

It was raining on Wednesday so we weren’t able to play in the outside garden at the Hands on House. He kept asking to play because they had tractors you can ride and a sand box….like I said the other day, it was only $14 for the two of us…not even half of what it would have cost us if we went to the Please Touch Museum in Philly.

The first theme of the place was the outdoors. They had a tree house and a cave. They had a little fishing pond that you can catch two different types of fish. There was also a little race track that you can build and race your own cars. Of course Christian played there the most…he’s really into his cars! In the outside area they had a bug table with all different types of bugs. They also had front porch where you can paint your own face. Christian didn’t really want to do that (thank god!).

The next area was Local Farm. They had a produce stand set up with a people and a pig. Next to that they had a wall of corn that you can pick ears of corn and place them in buckets. There was a chicken coop set up where they lay eggs and you have to pick the good ones out and all the cracked ones go into another bin. There was a cow there and you learn how to milk the cow…it was just weird! Christian loved the tractor they had set up…he spent a lot of time sitting there. They had a TV in there and you click on the different tractors and it shows you what they do.

The next area was the Corner Grocer. It was a whole grocery store set up with the “freezer” section, seafood section, produce…even the cash registers. Christian’s favorite part was the seafood and “catching” the lobsters. He found a banana and asked me to open it for him! He picked up the basket and grabbed the shopping list they have and walked around the store…

The only part of the place Christian didn’t like was the “Almost Make Believe” place. It was a huge room with mirrors and a stage. In the middle was chest full of different clothes and outfits. They had hats, body armor, dresses, suits…Christian didn’t want anything to do with it. They had a pirate ship in there that he played with a little bit but it wasn’t anything to exciting.

Christian spent most of his time in the “Factory”. It was an assembly line set up and I really don’t know what they heck you were suppose to do. They had baseballs and that’s what got Christians attention. He walked around gathering all the balls and wouldn’t let anyone touch them…he didn’t know what to do either but he made up his own way of what to do. He took the ball and tried to put them in different hole. They had a section that was kind of neat. It was tubes and you got to make your own maze for the balls to go through.

All in all it was a nice time and I would love to go back again with him. The family membership was only $60 a year with would pay for itself in two visits. Its something to think about…I felt a little out of place. I was the only father there. It was all moms and their kids. I noticed though that half the moms where on there cell phones and wouldn’t be more then a foot or two away from their kids. I felt like saying, “Its okay, let your kids play.” There isn’t any need to be on top of your children. They need to learn and play on there own. As long as your near, let them explore.

We were there for two hours before I had to drag Christian out. He was getting frustrated and throwing fits…that’s probably because he only took a 20 minute nap…but he did well. He played well with others and it looks like he really enjoyed himself.


Deborah said...

Oh my gosh! How cute does he look while he's exploring! It looks like a really cute you think Cal would like it?

Brittany said...

Sounds interesting, is it a crazy busy place?

proudfather19 said...

It wasnt busy at all! It was a great time...