Wednesday, April 8, 2009

False Alarm 1

Alicia had her doctors appt yesterday. I gave Alicia a list of questions to ask since I wasnt able to 10:45 I got a call from her. She sounds nervous on the phone, "They're taking me upstairs. The doctor wants to monitor me because he's concerned about the baby." On the list of questions we wrote down, the main one was the lack of fetal movement. For about two days she didnt really feel anything and we were concerned.

The doctor took her upstairs to monitor her and the baby. I left work shortly after thinking this was it, our baby is going to be here! The drive never seemed so far...

The baby isnt here yet...and they baby looks fine. The heart beat is okay and the baby doesnt seem to be distressed in anyway. Alicia was feeling a lot of pain, during the monitoring and well after. She said the braxton hicks contractions were getting worse as the night went on. Alicia described the pain as the same she had with Christian the morning he was born. The pain wasnt as bad when we went to bed.

While the baby isnt here yet, it may be soon.

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