Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dr. Appt

I got to go to Alicia's appt yesterday. She's been going once a week now....I'm glad I got to go. For starters, they still havent recieved her records from St. Joe's. The doctor told Alicia that she can still have a VBAC if she wanted. The doc explained the different types of cuts that may have been made when she had Christian. In an emergency C-section there is usually a special cut they make (Alicia may have this kind of cut) and this type of cut can cause an increase risk. If the scar tears open during a contraction then it could cause internal bleeding for her along with other complications. It can also effect the baby as well, in extreme situations it can cause death to her or the baby.

After the doctor explained the possible risks of having a VBAC, Alicia decided that she just wanted a C-Section. She wasnt too upset because she was told her whole pregnancy that she had to have a C-Section until she got to the Reading Hospital. They told us that by ner appt next week they will have a date and I assume a time set so we can let everyone know. They told us some where between May 14th and May 21st. It was a little weird because they told us a C-Section is done a week before the due date, we'll her due date is the 21st...

Last night Alicia and I were talking about it...the baby...and with Christian she had so many complications and with this new one she hasnt had any problems. Christian was born at 31 weeks and this kid may be born at 40 weeks...heres hoping its a 9lb baby!

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