Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome to Reading

Hows this!

It was my first day at the Reading branch and I've never really been downtown before, especially in "rush" hour. I drove around for 10 minutes trying to find my way to the parking garage, there are so many one way streets. I finally found the street I had to turn onto but it was cluttered with police cars and a van that read Coroner. As I finally made my way through the pack of cars, they were carting a body out of the nearby building....Ahhh, what a great start to the morning!

Once the branch opened the customers came in droves. One customer kind of gave me a bad feeling. He seemed a little off. He was very uneasy and didnt know what he wanted. He asked if I had a piece of paper to write me a special note. Usually when someone says they have a note for you....its not good. The note he gave me had his name and the word ATM scribbled on it. Then he left.

The branch was very small and busy. The day wasnt too bad, at least time flew because it was steady. Tomorrow I go to Kutztown again!

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