Tuesday, December 8, 2009


It’s been a while since we had such a busy weekend. Sadly though, this is just the start of busy weekends. With the holidays fast approaching our schedule is filling up fast. On Friday night was the start of the holiday season for us, we went to Koziars Christmas Village . My moms, sisters and Cal all came along too. A long time ago my parents took us to the Christmas Village and according to my mom, not much has changed! I got done work around 5:30 and was working down the street from the place so I was just going to meet everyone there. We decided to meet there at 5:30 to try and try to get there before the massive herds of people showed up. It worked. We got there and there was a small line that moved quickly.

Last year when we went it was just unbearable, the line hardly moved, the walk ways were like parking lots…This year we went straight to Santa because last year there was a very long line that didn’t move. We were the first people to see Santa and the boys did really well. Christian surprisingly was scared of him. He wouldn’t go near him at first but as soon as Santa offered him a piece of candy he was fine. Jackson at first had a worried look on his face then he eased up long enough to take a picture. As we said our goodbyes to Santa we noticed the line was already out the door…crisis adverted.

We stayed at the Christmas Village for almost an hour and a half. Jackson did very well for staying up past his bedtime. Towards the end as I was holding him he laid his head on my shoulder and started to talk himself to sleep…My mom took Christian overnight so that we could get ready for Christians party on Saturday.

Christian party went very well. Christian had a great time and a lot of people showed up to see and support Christian on his special day. The firehouse tour went well too. Kids and adults liked it. Click the link below for pictures, there were too many to put on here!

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