Tuesday, November 3, 2009

last day

it was a slow last day. sucked actually. my shift got changed to the closing shift so there went any hopes of getting out somewhat early. cathleen wasnt in today because she spent the night/day in the hospital (all is well now). my boss is a douche bag. didnt come in today. i understand you medical testing today but where the fucks the "good luck at your new job"? he didnt talk to me in person, on the phone, no email or hand written note. nothing. asshole.

the day just dragged on. tuesday's usually do. i said my goodbyes to the few customers that i care about. it was hard to leave. over two years of my life was spent in there. so much has happened in there. i'll miss everyone but my boss. they are all such good people.

After locking up the doors and doing a final walk through of the branch, i sat at my desk. in the dark. looking around. taking in every sound. this would be the last time i'll be here. i felt a cold empty feeling. why did i feel like i could cry?

with a couple awkward hugs good bye, i close this chapter in my life and begin the next one.

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