Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, so much for a lazy day

Wow, I was hoping for a lazy Sunday but NOOOOOO! Jackson's not feeling well so he's understandable but Christian...Jackson woke up at 2:30 (like he has been since being sick) and eat but decided he didnt want to go back to sleep. Shortly after Jackson woke up Christian did. Keep in mind its about 3am and Alicia and I are trying to get Jackson to sleep so we can go back to sleep. Christian comes out of his room and says "Hi Daddy" and I reply, "what do you want?" He thinks about it and excitedly response with "PANCAKES!".

So we all went down stairs and sat on the couch until 4:30.

We organized the basement today too. All the boys toys are downstairs and its a mess down there! Our neighbor Angie gave us a large coffe table so we used that to organize and store all their toys. We switched out some toys with some that Aunt Dee brought over and we put some away for "Christmas presents" too.

I finally got around to Alicia's flat tire. That really pissed me off. I got that hub cap off. The bolts were rusted and made taking them off really hard. I tried everything to loosen them but nothing worked. Alicia asked the neighbor at the end to help us and he had a really hard time too. He got 3 bolts off and the other two were stripped. After 20 minutes he was able to get them off. Alicia's spare tire has never been used either....

Tomorrow is Jackson's 6 month Check up. Any guesses on his height and weight? I'm hoping for a 20lbs baby. We'll just have to wait until tomorrow. To end the day today 422 in Wernersville was shut down as well has a few block radius around the Penn Werner Hotel. It was shut down for about 2 hours and there was no official word on what was going on. It must have been serious, there were news reporters there, and a ton of police cars. The word is there was a gunman inside the Penn Werner holding a woman hostage...nice...just a block away too.

Off to Tinas house to play the Wii, the boys are all in bed and now its time for Mommy and Daddy to have some fun!

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