Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Its been one of those days

Christian is such an awesome little boy. He’s going to be 3 in a month! Each day presents new joys and more challenges. Christian is at the “Why?” stage and while sometimes it entertaining, others it get frustrating because he’s not satisfied with the answer or answers you provide. It’s very trying and I have to remind myself that this is how he is learning about the world. This stage started about a week ago. We were sitting outside on the front porch and he saw a pumpkin and wanted to take it from the neighbors. We told him that it wasn’t his pumpkin and he asked us Where’s Christian’s pumpkin? Christian doesn’t have a pumpkin…WHY? Instantly, Alicia and I looked at each other. It’s starting….

Christians doing really well with counting, he can count all the way up 12! He knows all the major body parts and even most of his colors. His ABC’s are slowly coming along, Alicia is teaching him during the day his ABC’s. Christian is getting better with Jackson . Every now and again we’ll catch him playing nicely with him. Last night Jackson was sitting in front of his mirror playing and Christian came over and leaned in and put his arm around Jackson and played nicely with him. Sometimes Christian forgets that he can’t be rough with him just yet.

Christian is a very big help, but sometimes he can get in the way…If were making dinner he wants to be right there with you. He asks if he can sit on the counter and help you. Or if I’m vacuuming he’ll get his out and watch me and do everything I do. And when I’m done with it and put it in the closet he parks his right next to mine!

Jackson , where to start? The last 6 months has been a whirlwind of emotions. Jackson has changed so much in such a short amount of time. Last night after we put Christian down, we had Jackson in the playroom. He just sat in the middle of the floor with a bucket of wooden blocks and some other toys and just played. I can’t remember what it was like when we had just Christian. Jackson looked so happy just sitting there playing, you can tell in his eyes that he was trying to learn and figure everything out.

Jackson ’s already at the weight Christian was just shy of his first birthday. He’s doing things that Christian didn’t do at that age. I mean, granted Christian was a preemie but still. It really feels as though Jackson is growing up too fast. I know it sounds like a jaded cliché but it’s true.

When I come home after work the boys and KC get so excited to see me. Christians usually at the door with the biggest smile, he opens the door for me and screams Daddy’s home! Last night Jackson was sitting on the floor playing and he got excited when I walked in, his little arms start to flail and his legs start kicking. I said Hi to him and walked passed to say hi to Alicia, I turn around to look at Jackson and he’s on his stomach trying to crawl over to me! Its things like that that let you know your doing something right in raising them.

Jackson ’s at the point know that he’ll let you know who he wants. If you’re holding him and he wants mommy, he reach out for her and wait for her to pick him up! He’s not a helpless baby anymore.

My new job is going really well. I’ve been in branch now for a week and I have no regrets. This week I’m in Kutztown helping out. I’ve never been to Kutztown, I’ve always driven by it….The pay for the job is really good. I get a base salary (which was less then I was making at my previous job) but also mileage reimbursement for traveling to other branches. The further branch I would go to is Kutztown and that’s only 30 minutes away from home! When you factor in the mileage reimbursement I’m getting paid the same I did at my previous job.

The holidays are fast approaching and we aren’t prepared at all! Were hosting Thanksgiving at our house, it’s our time in our new house. My mom and sisters are coming down and her mom (maybe her brother and his girlfriend) as well. Alicia and I are making the turkey, stuffing and yams. My mom is bringing mashed potatoes and a corn soufflé dish. Her mom is bringing dessert, I’m not sure what though!

Before we know it Christians party will be here. We still have some things to get figured out. I have no idea how I’m going to make the cake yet, well, I have an idea so let’s hope it all works out! Were ordering a finger sandwich tray from a place in Perkaise (thanks Cathleen!), I don’t want to stress out too much for this party. Alicia wants to make chex mix but we’re not going to have a lot of food! We have someone from the fire dept giving a tour to the kids of the station, a fire truck and show them how things work. Its going to be a neat experience because Christian is really into fire trucks! There will be crafts and some games as well.

I think that’s everything that’s on my mind! I just needed to get it out. Before I go I just wanted to wish Jared a Happy Birthday. He would be 20 years old today…

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