Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WWII Weekend

On Sunday I took Christian to the WW II Weekend at the Reading Airport. It’s a big to do event that recreates war camps and cities. The biggest draw for me was the planes. They had planes you can go inside and see and also they had planes flying around…Christian is really into planes and I thought he would like this. He did. He was in awe when he saw and heard the planes flying around. The planes were flying around and “shooting” at each other. On the ground they had more gun fights and explosions. Can you just imagine Christian’s face and what he must have been thinking? He kept pointing and saying guns and fighting…I explained it was just play fighting…

We got to go inside two different planes. One was a museum inside of the planes history. This is the plane that allowed him to sit in the cockpit and play with the controls. He really enjoyed that but the guy supervising wasn’t too nice to him…anyway. The weather was awesome too, it got a little hot after walking around for a while but they had that all figured out. They had a long yellow tent set up; Christian and I went over to see what it was and it was a misting tent. At first Christian refused to go through and threw a fit! I knew he would like it so I walked through a few times and still nothing. I picked him up and he loved it! He played for about 10 more minutes until we moved on. (We went back 3 other times before we left the event!)

Christian and I were there for over 2 hours! They had school buses to take us to the different parking lots. On the school bus Christian was a little scared. He wanted his seat belt on! He was just looking at the window when he turned to me and gave me kiss…then he said “Thanks Dad” and then I knew it was all worth it!

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