Monday, June 15, 2009

Wernersville Day/Cancelled Party

It was the 4th annual Wernersville Day and our 1st. The Cone by our house had a lot for Christian to do. They had moon bounces, clowns, music and tons of candy/junk food! And the best part…its was almost all FREE! The Penn Werner Hotel was selling grilled food and free samples inside. Five and Devine had local artists too meet…My favorite event was the Train Station. The train station is undergoing a restoration and they had it opened so that you can see the progress. It was so neat to see and they had a lot of original pieces. Its been closed since the 30’s but its in good condition. They had the original bathrooms and fixtures…there was even some towels still in the holders!

Even though the party was cancelled, family still showed up to see Jackson. Everyone brought something to eat and all I had to do was cook the hot dogs…nice and easy. The weather was great so we got to spend a lot of time in the back yard or walking around Wernersville Day. We played the videos of the day Jackson was born and when he came home. It was really nice to see family and everyone who loves and supports us.

After everyone went home Alicia and I went back out to the Strawberry Festival which was across the street. It was nearing the end of the festival so it wasn’t anything great but we took the Trolley home…a great way to end a great day!

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Deborah said...

It really was a very nice day! So glad to see all of you!! Love, Mom xoxo