Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dont make promises

You'll never know if you can keep them. Alicia and I were talking a few nights back about how Jackson may never need surgery. Alicia promised him that she wouldn't let that happen to him...well, that promise was broken this morning. Jackson had an upper GI test this morning for reflux. After 1 am he wasnt able to eat anything. We'll he had his last feeding at 11:30. I took him to his appt, while Alicia satayed home with Christian, around 6:30. They gave him a barium solution to drink and x-rayed his stomach, throat and intestines. The test took about an hour and he was more then happy to drink the solution! We had to wait for the doc to get the report and let us know what the next step was. Well, the test was done around 7:45, around 9:30 they said they still havent heard from our Doc. Meanwhile, Jackson still hasnt eaten and wasnt allowed to until the results were in.

We left the hospital around 9:30 and they told us to see our doc right away because Jackson wasnt able to eat until we knew. I drove right over the Doc. It was 9:45 and the doc still wasnt in. They told us they'll call us when she got in and looked at the results. I told the nurse that Jackson hasnt eaten for almost 12 hours and I wanted to know if I could feed him. She called the doctor. The doctor asked to speak to Alicia and I. She told us the he does have reflux which is common. Christian had it. She said what wasnt common was where the stomach and the intestines meet is 2/3 smaller then should be. To fix something like that would require SURGERY.

They wanted to do surgery right away. The doc said that we have to go to Hershey Medical Hospital which is about an hour away from our home. We left the docs and went home to pack our bags and make arrangements for Christian. About an hour after we got home we left to go to the hospital. Its practically across the street from Hershey Park...We were able to get in and register fairly quickly. The Pediatrics is on the 7th floor and we have our own room. Not much bigger then a closet but...we dont have to share.

The doc came in shortly after and talked to us. He said that what Jackson has is Pyloric Stenosis. What that is the muscle that contracts so the food waste from the stomach passes is enlarged and hard. Click the title of this for more info. The doc said that what they do is cut one side of the muscle so it expands, making food easier to pass. He told us that surgery is set for tomorrow.

Tonight they have him on IV and a tube down to his stomach to pump out the barium solution.
When we got here they checked his vitals and info. Jackson is 25.5 inches long and weighs 10lbs! Its werid because one of the symptoms of Pyloric Stenosis is little or no weight gain or growth. The only symptom Jackson has is persistant vomiting.
We'll keep everyone updated! Pray for us and especailly Jackson!

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britt said...

I'll be thinking about you guys. My sister had this problem as a baby and all went well.
Let me know if you need anything