Wednesday, June 24, 2009

still awake

found out that Jacksons IV came out, from the looks of it its been out a while. Our nurse tonight said that she may want to do a scalp IV, but she couldnt find a vein. She said she wasnt going to put the IV in until afte she spoke with the doc to see what he wanted to do.

The nurses took Jackson back to the Treatment room to put the IV back in. They've already poked him 4 times and the nurses concern was that they wouldnt be able to find a good vein. Alicia and I stayed back because we couldnt take Jacksons crying anymore!

Our nurse, Patty, talked to the doc and hopefully they'll do the surgery first thing in the morning knowing that he's having a hard time keeping an IV and hasnt really been eating. Fingers crossed.

Hopefully when Jackson gets back he'll be so tired from screaming and crying that he'll just sleep!

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