Tuesday, June 23, 2009

its 9pm

i dont think sleep is something that we are able to get tonight. We've both been awake since 3am. Jackson is still so hungry, the IV they gave him arent doing enough. He hasnt had any wet diapers since being here. He's only had one blow out and thats because of the barium solution. Jackson is so tired and he looks it, but wont sleep. He's very uncomfortable and has to be in pain. If you move the slightest bit it starts a crying episode that will last at least 5 minutes.

Hopefully they'll have the surgery as soon as they can tomorrow so he can eat real food. We'll lets try this sleep thing out. Alicia is trying to rock him now and it may be working. The nurse gave him tylenol about 30 minutes ago. Fingers crossed for at least an hour of sleep!

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