Friday, June 5, 2009

100th Post (First Week)

Monday, Day 1:

I’m use to getting up early and I’m use to taking a nap during the day. I felt great getting up, must have been the adrenaline. When I left, everyone was still sleeping. It felt a little awkward. Things came easily though, I didn’t forget anything. I called Alicia around 9am and she said that her and Jackson just woke up and Christian was awake but in his room. Around 12 I started to fall asleep…it was nap time! I was set to leave at 2 but it seemed so far away.

Everyone was happy when I got home and I was happy to be home

Tuesday, Day 2:

It was a little easier getting up today; I didn’t have to be at work so early! For me the day dragged on and on. Each minute felt like an hour. Alicia said that Jackson did really well and Christian was fine. He got a little annoying in the afternoon but….At work they had an ice cream cake for my belated birthday. At the Reading Museum they were having a Garden Party (whatever that was). She was going to take the boys to walk around and get out of the house. Alicia went to get gas because her car was on E. She calls me 10 minutes before I’m about to leave work crying and yelling. She said her car wont start and nobody would help her…she’s at a gas station. I don’t know what she wants me to do; I’m over an hour away from home. She calls me back about 20 minutes later and said that an older gentleman helped her jump her car and she was heading home.

Wednesday, Day 3:

I slept in the basement last night. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping and it’s NOT because of Jackson . I just toss and turn and kick the wall…I don’t know what’s wrong. I do get up when Jackson does to help but Alicia never wants me to help, all I can do is offer. I didn’t have the motivation this morning; I just didn’t feel like getting up. Alicia took the boys to the Garden Party before Christians nap time and she said it’s a lot like a Fair. They have games and rides…but she didn’t have any money so they went home. Were going to go later, if the weather permits….

Thursday, Day 4:

Weather didn’t permit us to go to the Garden Party. So we just had a hectic night at home. My headache still hasn’t gone away and now the pain is getting worse. Last night Alicia finally used me….She asked me to help with Christian. For some reason he woke up at 2 and didn’t fall back to sleep until after 3:30. Christian asked to go potty and for a million hugs and kisses. I am currently without a phone. Hopefully soon I can replace it. Alicia and I have been thinking a lot about the party and are thinking of postponing it. Tomorrow should be interesting, I won’t be going home because I have to close and work Saturday. We’ll see how things go with Alicia and the boys.

Friday, Day 5

I got to spend some time with the boys before I headed off to work. I got to lay with Jackson and playing with Christian. Christian didn’t want much to do with me… Jackson had is dr appt at 11:15. Alicia called me around 12:15 to tell me his updates. The dr said he jumped a percentile for his height and weight. At his last appt, two weeks ago, he weighed 6lbs and 15oz and he now weighs 8lbs and 9 oz! She said that’s really good for a breastfed baby! And his height was 20.5 inches and is now 22.5 inches. Alicia is doing really well. She said that it hasn’t been as hard as she thought. Granted it’s only been 5 days….her car “broke” down again. It was in the parking lot of Redners and she frantically searched for help in the parking lot. An older gentleman helped her find help and then jump her car. All in all, it wasn’t a bad week for either of us!

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