Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a weekend!

So many things…where to start? I guess we can start with the bad and end with the good! As many of you probably heard we were involved in a car accident on Monday. I was driving but it wasn’t my fault! Alicia, Christian and I were leaving the library when it happened. When we left to go to the library the roads were fine, it was just flurries, but when we left it was like a white out. Traffic was backed up a long way so nobody was going really fast. The roads weren’t plowed or salted yet. I was about 15-20 feet from the car in front of us and the light turned red. Well he must have been up the other cars ass because his car slide and almost hit the car in front of him. I slowed down and came to a stop because nobody else was moving. I said to Alicia, that was close…WHAM, the car behind us smashed into our bumper on the passenger side. We didn’t “fly” forward and hit the car in front of us…none of us were hurt seriously.

Alicia called her doctor because her stomach was hurting. She was wearing her seat belt but because of the coat she was wearing she had it on her stomach instead of below. After the accident Christian looked terrified and started holding his head. He said his head hurt so we decided to get him checked out as well.

At the hospital, I went with Christian into Pediatrics while Alicia went upstairs to the Maternity triage. We received prompt service, with Christian, they said he seemed to be fine (keep in mind he’s jumping on the hospital bed, laughing and talking the whole time!) but they wanted to do a CT scan to make sure. I had to hold Christian while someone wheeled us to get his picture taken. He did pretty well. He started to cry when they were strapping him down and you can tell that he was scared because he was repeating everything I was saying, “good boy, I love you…”it was cute, he was crying and had tears running down his face but when the guy asked him to say cheese he would stop crying long enough to say cheese.

Alicia was fine. They recommended she follow up with her regular doctor. They monitored her for four hours and saw nothing concerning. We arrived at the hospital at 5:15 and left a little after 10. Nana Sue came up to be with Alicia and Christian so thank you for coming up. Still think you should have spent the night….

To end on a good note, Christian is doing fantastic with using the potty. He’s at the point where you don’t always have to remind him to go, he just goes! Yesterday, he went 5 times, 4 at home and once out in public…his first time in public! We haven’t quiet got the pooping in the potty down but he can pee like a whiz! Yesterday he tried to go poop all by himself. He had his pants half down and he walked over to me and grabbed my hand…he peed in the toilet but also pooped all over it, the floor and his pants…

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