Friday, January 16, 2009

This and That

We caved in and got cable. Well actualy DirecTV because there is no cable hookups. I guess you could say we were spoiled living with mom. Having cable we got into shows, so with Lost season 5 starting soon and Nip/Tuck too...we decided to get it. We made sure to get the DVR service as well because those shows are on when Christian is still awake and we dont want to take time away from him. So now we can watch the news (well maybe...) and the weather channel. Now we can be prepared each day!

So I picked up another Joseph Finder book. I read Company Man and it was really good, a nice surprise twist at the end. The one I'm reading now is Power Play, so far its good...Alicia had a job interview last night. Its at the Berkshire Mall which is really close to the house, maybe 15 minutes. Fingers crossed! We find out on Monday or Tuesday.

Christian is doing really well, ever since he got the tubes in last winter he hasnt gotten as sick as he has. He's really into repeating words and putting two or more words together. He's definitely a boy! Very distructive and he is into sports. He likes to play catch (sort of...he likes to fake you out), kicking the ball, baseball and he's starting to try golf. Christian is can either be very independant or very dependant, just depends on the day...

Alicia goes for her next ultrasound at the end of the month....hopefully thats the time we can find out the sex!

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