Monday, December 14, 2009

Our weekend

Barb, Matt and Emma came down on Saturday afternoon for dinner and then to Koziar’s Christmas Village . We told Christian that Emma was coming down and that’s all he could talk about until she came. And when she came he was so excited. “Emma come here”, “Emma come upstairs”, “EMMA”. It was great that she played with him too. He doesn’t have a lot of friends that are girls, especially one that’s somewhat close to his age (3 years is close, right?)

I was going to make dinner but instead bought some Chicken & Penne stir fry thing instead. Less mess that way…and more time to spend with them. Alicia and I showed them around our house and got to talk a little bit before and during dinner. I started to show her our photo albums but that’s something to look at if you have a few hours! We exchange Christmas presents too, well, the kids did at least. After dinner we made the trek to the Christmas Village . It took us about 10 minutes to get to the road it’s on but it took us another 30 minutes to get down that road. Usually it’s a 5 minute drive down that road…once we got there we had to park so far away you almost couldn’t see the Christmas Village!

Christian must have been getting tired because all he wanted was to be held. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) Barb carried him a little bit. We didn’t get to see Santa because the line was ridiculously long like usual. Emma seemed to have a good time and Christian really took to Barb which was nice. I held Jackson again and again he fell asleep in my arms! We stayed for a little over an hour and left to go home. On our way home we went into Bernville to get gas and the traffic was backed up in every direction. We took 183 and then cut into Robesonia and traffic was backed up for at least 5 miles. Traffic was still backed up even after we turned off 183. Keep in mind it was 8:15 and traffic was at a stand still.

On Sunday we just stayed home and did absolutely nothing. We didn’t even leave the house or open the door. Alicia’s mom came down to visit and see the boys…she said she was going through kiddie withdraw or something! We lost power for a couple of hours too…good thing we were home!

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