Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Got our Christmas tree

Alicia has really been wanting to get one…on Monday is when she gets her papers and usually she delivers them on Tuesday night (and sometimes Wednesday morning) because of all the inserts but she stuffed, bagged and had them delivered by Tuesday morning! Down the street from our house is a Christmas tree farm that we decided to go to instead of the one in the parking lot of Target shopping center.

It was a huge field of trees in sections by the type of tree it was….We spent a good 45 minutes walking around trying to find the right one. Alicia wanted a tall one, I didn’t want a real wide one…Christian wanted all of them and Jackson was just mesmerized by the strings on my shirt! I think the one we settled on was a Douglas Fir, its has really short needles and they’re soft to the touch (great for Christian, Jackson and KC). We made sure that there weren’t dead needles hiding or some nest of birds because that could create some problems. When we decided on the tree, we waived down the person driving the ATV and he used the chainsaw to cut it down. I’m sure you can imagine how excited Christian was but Jackson wasn’t too excited about it.

Once we got the tree in the house and set up, we let it settle so that we can eat dinner. Before we started decorating the tree we put Jackson down, he was very tired and it was a little passed his bedtime. I helped put the lights on the tree and a few decorations. Alicia asked Christian if he wanted to help put any ornaments up and he said “No, I watch Mommy, I watch” He sat on the couch and watched as we put the ornaments on the tree.

However, once I got the train and tracks out he changed his mind! He was more then eager to help me set the train up. We told him that before he could play with it he had to ask mommy or daddy because it wasn’t a toy for him to play with. So….this morning Alicia and I are half awake, the alarm hasn’t gone off yet but we can hear Christian somewhere and Jackson ’s rocking in his crib. Do you see where this is going? Next thing we hear is this loud ringing sound. We both look at each other trying to figure it out. We get out of bed and followed the sound…it took us downstairs and there was Christian, in front of the Christmas tree, with the biggest smile on his face and the train remote in his hand…”Look what I did!”

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Deborah said...

I love this picture of Christian...looks so Christmas! A boy and his train!!