Monday, December 14, 2009

You can call us crazy or cruel but it is what it is

Tried to post this last night but we lost power so....

Just one day shy of his 7 month birthday, Jackson is done breastfeeding. Sad isn’t it? I will say that it wasn’t by choice either. Alicia is very upset and has been crying a lot today because of it. She noticed yesterday that he was satisfied enough with each feeding. This morning when she woke up her boobs were “flat”, they were empty. She didn’t attempt to feed Jackson because there was nothing to feed him with. We gave him breakfast of mangos and apples and while he eating we talked about what to do. By the time he had his last bite we made our decision. We were going to start him on a sippy cup.

With Christian we had it done in a weekend. We bought a sippy cup a few weeks ago to try to give him a little bit of juice. When we first got the cup we tried it once or twice and put it back in the cabinets until a later date. That date came sooner then expected. We got the cup out, put the formula in it and tried it again. As expected he didn’t want it. He kicked and flailed and screamed until he was blue in the face…once we got him calmed down we tried again and he didn’t want it.
The cup we bought was a beginner cup for 6 months. We noticed that he would always watch Christian when he drank from his cup. Christian has a basic cup. It a toss away kind of cup that you can use for couple of times and then throw it away when your done with it. The cup we bought for Jackson has a regulator valve and Christians doesn’t. I decided that I would try that cup to see if it made a difference. It worked. We tried the cup with his second feed and he took right to it. Didn’t fuss too much. After a couple of minutes he got frustrated with it but that’s okay. We stopped trying for now.

By the end of the day he was fine. He didn’t cry and actually opened his mouth and tried to pull the cup closer for more! Alicia doesn’t remember how hard it was with Christian but I did. I remember that we did a lot of positive reinforcement with him, telling him he was “Such a good boy” and “We are so proud of you!” oh and smiling a lot whenever he was looking so he would know its okay. Is not easy and Alicia had a rough time because he’s obviously upset by such a big change. She’s like a drug addict…she’s going threw withdraw.
------------------------------------New Today------------------------------------

Despite the change he still slept through the night and this morning when he woke up to eat we gave him the cup. You should have seen his face when he saw his cup! He was sitting on our bed and started to hop up and down with the biggest smile on his face! He took the cup with no problems and drank a little over 3oz in one sitting! Obviously it’s a little messy when he drinks but who wouldn’t be? He’s been breastfed for the last 7 months and never had a bottle…

We decided that we didn’t want to have to get him use to a bottle for another couple of months then try to switch to a sippy cup later. Wow, 7 months old and he’s already on a sippy cup…its crazy!

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Brittany said...

I have a ton of info for low supply to continue breast feeding is Alicia wants it, nows the time when her supply will start to look low but it's still there. Just tell me her to call of message me if she wants it