Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy is an understatement

It’s been a very busy week, and I can’t stress BUSY enough. Alicia started her new job on Tuesday. It’s a whole new world for me, having both the boys at the same time with no one there to “help”. The first night I was so scared and sick to my stomach but it went fairly well. Both the boys were very good, Christian was helpful and played well by himself when I needed to feed Jackson. Alicia left to go to work as soon as I got home, around 5:30…It was just weird because I didn’t get a chance to breathe until 9.

Alicia really likes her job and the people she works for. She seems fit in really well and make friends easily wherever she goes. They didn’t really have training for her, just showed her what to do, like the first day on the job she ran a register. The second day they taught her how to stock and settle the store for closing. She’s working 4 nights a week so at least its not every day because that would be too much for everyone.

We’ve been planning a getaway for just the two of us. We wanted to get away but stay on a budget and stay close to home. There aren’t a lot of “exotic” places in the middle of Amish Country so we decided to look into a B&B. There are so many in the area. Originally we wanted to stay for two nights (Friday and Saturday) but because of cost and finding someone to watch the boys we went with one night. The place we found is the EJ Bowman House in Lancaster. (Click on the title of this post to see the website).

I know that we are both really excited for this weekend getaway. We need the time to get away from the kids and be adults. We need that time to relax and reconnect with each other. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to spend quality alone time; it’s actually been since our honeymoon. On that Saturday night were going to a real Amish family’s home for an Amish home cooked meal! It should be a neat experience. Then they have a hearty home cooked breakfast the following morning as well. It will be a nice relaxing weekend that Alicia and I can spend together.

My job is just that, a job. I use to look forward to coming to work everyday but recent events have made me dread coming to work. I don’t know who to talk to, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or go above anyone’s head…So I just bit my tongue, do my job and go home.

That’s the last week in a nut shell.


MrsK Clicks said...

I don't know how far of a drive it is from your house but

It's pricey, so maybe for a second honeymoon in the future, but that place is worth EVERY penny.shake5kshake2

MrsK Clicks said...

and I dont know WTF is up with the shake what not at the end lol