Thursday, August 6, 2009

This week so far

The job is for a local Credit Union. She works in the back office and does filing and completing different reports. She said she likes it so far. Said its not too stressful. She gets paid every week which is also nice...the money will help us get back to stable grounds! The job is across from the Reading Phillies stadium so its about a 15 minute drive.

Brianna said that she likes watching the boys. I was worried that it would be too much for her but she said its not. Christian is pretty independent and all she needs to really worry about is Jackson. Jackson's really taking a likening to her, he gets so excited when she's around! The only concern we need to address is when we tell Christian NO, he goes and cries to Brianna to get what he wants. While Brianna doesnt give in, its still a bad habit to get him "use" to.

Last night we went to a Reading Phillies game, my mom and brother came and we invited the neighbor boy. Nothing too exciting. I've had training Tuesday and Wednesday and on Friday I have a job interview. Its within the company but its about 20-25 minutes off my commute. Its the closet branch to my house...

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MrsK Clicks said...

Sounds like a good deal!