Thursday, September 3, 2009

We have Confirmation

We applied for subsidy the day after Alicia started to work the temp job. The waiting period is long and it may be longer as Pennsylvania doesn't have a budget yet and there are talks of cutting some funding from the program. Anyway, we applied and received a letter in the mail that states we qualify for the program and as of 8/28/09 both Christian and Jackson are on the waiting list.

The letter also stated that they will contact us once they have funding available. Alicia has an interview for the program in 2 weeks. Also, they said based off of our income we would qualify for $60 a week for both the boys. The next step while we wait is to research daycare facilities that participate in the program and see which one we would feel comfortable sending the boys too.

My mom and sisters too Christian to the beach today. He's going to Sea Isle City for the day and spending the night at her house. He went to the beach last year with us, we went to Atlantic City for a weekend and this year we haven't been able to go. So at least he is able to...Next year were planning a family trip to OBX. Let hope he has a great day and is good for Mom Mom.

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