Friday, August 21, 2009

Problem, meet Solution

Alicia went into work on Thursday and told them that she couldn’t work anymore because of the situation with the boys. They were very understanding and asked if she could stay until they found help, probably by next Tuesday. Alicia said she can at least give them that much. While it made no sense for her to work just to pay for daycare, eventually, the money would have helped out.

The saying “God never closes one door without opening another” couldn’t ring truer. She got the job at Five Below working evenings! The job is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. She received a call today being offered the job and she starts next Tuesday (perfect timing). So the boys will be at the home daycare until next Wednesday.

So she’ll spend days with the boys and work at nights and I’ll work days and spend the night with the boys. It will be a big adjustment for everyone, but it’s a sacrifice that we have to make.

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