Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We've been doing a lot of thinking

Alicia and I have been talking a lot since last Wednesday about where we are going to put the boys while she works. Since my sister said it was too much for her, daycare was out of the question. There’s usually a waiting period and it’s too pricey. We needed to find some one quick since we only had a day or two notice to find someone…We called a lot of people that we found in the paper and found one lady that was reasonably priced and had her clearances. Last Saturday we went to her house and met her. I didn’t get bad vibes but I didn’t get good ones either. Afterwards Alicia and I talked about it and agreed that it would have to do for now.

Alicia has been doing a lot of thinking since that Saturday. The job she has is a temp job so it’s not like she just got a full time job, it’s only a 2 month job. Currently her pay checks are going to pay this woman to watch our kids. At first I thought that Alicia should at least finish out the temp job and leave on good terms so that way she can has that door open for a potential job down the road. Now, I’m not so sure about that.

There are too many similarities between the Jared incident and our current situation. My parents were a young family as are we. When the Jared incident happened I was around 2 and a half and Christian is 2 and a half. Jared was 3 months old and Jackson is 3 months old. The lady who watched my brother and I had two kids and so does this lady.

My mom emailed me on Tuesday and asked how the first day went. I told her it went well; Christian had a little bit of listening problems and went in time out a few times. I said that the lady was surprised at how little he sleeps during the day….I don’t know if she said it light hearted or seriously but my mom said that was the same comment Sherrie made and then 3 days later Jared was in the hospital. I was just a little freaked out when she said that…She assured me she wasn’t trying to freak me out but she did.

Alicia and I were already on the fence about a home daycare and just all the similarities between the two are just uncanny. What’s the point in her going to work if she isn’t making money? She just working to pay for this lady…and she said she just sits there every day nervous and worried. Alicia has a potential job right now, one being for Five Below (again and for the same position) and she’s thinking about applying for evenings or weekends at the fast food place down the street. Also, delivering papers again. So we have our options open because she will need to make some kind of money.

Alicia said she is going to call today and let them know that she is no longer able to work. She is going to finish out the week though.


Anonymous said...

Why are you questioning yourself? You need to go with your gut, and have your wife stay home. You don't even know this lady, you don't know what she does when you are not there. Your kids belong with their mom during the day, no one else. You sound like a pretty smart guy, and a good one. I have confidence you will find a way to support your wife and kids, after all that is what a man does. Your wife and kids will thank you a million times, and she will be less stressed and more loving when you get home. Your kids will have their mommy and kisses and hugs all day! What is better than that? Good luck.

WeCouldBeHeros said...
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MrsK Clicks said...

G and I have had this discussion several times and in the end, it's easier just to stay home.
I'm blessed enough to have my photography business, which is excellent.
What about bartending on the weekends? She's def. got the personality for it! lol