Friday, July 24, 2009


The van is paid and home with us...never to go back to Meinke again! We had a coupon to use for $50 off any service of $500 or more (what a joke!). Alicia went to pay and use it but they would NOT honor the full $50, they told her since she didnt have to pay $30 for the oil change they can only give her $20 off the total to make it the $50. And to add insult to injury, the manager told her she has to get what she can!

We've learned our lesson, DONT EVER YOU MEINKE FOR ANYTHING, EVER!


WeCouldBeHeros said...

Or Pep Boys! I go to Meineke for oil changes and that's it. Pep boys tried to charged me $3k to fix my tired a couple years ago. Not even kidding, $3,000 fix a wheel.

proudfather19 said...

Thats sad...3k...who can you trust anymore? they know they got you right between the legs! lol