Monday, July 27, 2009

Jackson & The weekend

Jackson may have pink eye. Were not 100% sure. His eye is gooey and leaking but aren’t pink, they look normal. We’ve been taking every precaution, washing everyone’s hands, toys…everything! Alicia is taking him to his appt at 9:45 so we’ll see how that goes.

Nothing too exciting this weekend. Just stayed at home and did things around the house.

Our wedding cake....its passed our anniversary but we forgot about the cake! Oh and it was still good over a year later!
We went to check on Christian and he had all his books in his bed!

Just relaxing while Daddy made dinner (Shepard's Pie)

Playing with the neighbors water gun

Jackson Smiling!


WeCouldBeHeros said...

Sounds like a clogged tearduct, totally normal in babies. They get very oozy and crusty but the eye itself doesn't turn red etc.
M had that and it was a PITA, the Ped. seemed to think holding down a baby to put a warm wash clothing and put drops in was easy because she was "small and wouldn't fight" lmao.

Ps;..please tell me you didn't eat that cake after a year lol

proudfather19 said...

We ate it and it was still good!