Monday, July 6, 2009

I'll post pictures tomorrow.

What a weekend...Alicia, me and the boys all went to the Reading Phillies game on Saturday night. We actually stayed for a whole game and Christian was really into it! He brought his baseball glove and kept standing on the chair saying he was going to catch the ball. Christian was really into the game too, he was cheering when everyone cheered, he clapped and played along with the games in between. Jackson did really well too. He slept for the first half of the game and was awake the second half. One of the players for the Reading Phillies was Jackson Williams and he's WHITE!!!

The row behind us was a group of senior ladies...just at the game having fun...a little too much fun! They had one too many...They were laughing and talking up a storm with us, they were swooning over Christian and Jackson. The one lady was very excited about Jackson's diaper change! lol

After the game they had a fireworks show. Christian sat in the seat in front of us for the show, he had Alicia hold his hand and with the other one he covered his eyes so all he had to see out of was a the opening in between his fingers! He really like the show and wasnt scared...and Jackson did good as well. His eyes got so big!

On Sunday my dad came with us to Blue Marsh Lake. We started by walking around the boat launch area and watching the boats. Then we walked along the water and Christian threw rocks while KC got her feet wet. I think we threw rocks in the water for about 45 minutes! After that we went to the other side of the lake, the beach side, and walked around. Alicia and I didnt know how to get there before so it was neat to finally find it. The beach side had pavilions, volleyball nets, playgrounds, sand, "beaches", bathrooms, showers, food stands and more. A day pass cost $3 or a season pass for a family is $30. I think next year we'll be getting one of them.

We made chicken and corn on the cob on the grill for dinner and got ice cream from the Cone for dessert.


Amber said...

um there is also jackson rathbone from twilight! he's white too.

proudfather19 said...

Really? Thats awesome!!!

WeCouldBeHeros said...

Sounds like fun!