Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 month check up

Okay, today was Jackson’s 2 month check up. His appt was scheduled for 12 so Alicia got there at 11:30 because she had to leave by 1:30 to get to Hershey Medical Center for Jacksons follow up appt for his surgery. She waits 15 minutes before asking the receptionist where the doc was…she said the doc isn’t in yet. The practice opens up at 9am, why not. The doc shows up at 12:15 and puts Alicia in a room. 30 minutes go by and the doc hasn’t seen her yet. She went looking for the doc to see what the hold up was. She stressed to both the doc and the receptionist that she needed to be done by 1:30.

Long story short…she left at 1:45 and got nothing accomplished. They didn’t weigh him, measure him or most importantly give him his shots. The reason, the nurse wasn’t in today because her dog died. The doc didn’t know how to work the scale or give out the shots!

Follow up: I found a new practice for both of the boys and Jackson will be going next week to get his check up and shots…

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WeCouldBeHeros said...

Wow, sounds like some of the bonehead Dr's M has had. I love her new one, hope you guys find a good one too!