Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank you!

Before I begin we would like to say Thank you to everyone for making our Christmas so wonderful! This time of the year was a little hard for us because we just bought of first house and had a few set backs but thanks to everyone for making it a truly memorable Christmas!

This past weekend was short, I had to work again! Alicia was "scared" to stay home by herself so she spent Friday night at my moms with me. My mom and siblings went to the Phantoms hockey game so we had the house to ourselves. We didnt do too much, watched Whale Wars on animal planet (thats an odd show). Volunteers going to Antarctica to serve papers to Japanese least I got a good laugh from it...(Cathy lol)
Besides working on Saturday we didnt do too much. We organized all the baby clothes we have into bins and straightened the basement. We also went to Home Depot and bought paint and supplies. They had this blue color paint in the Opps! paint section, 1 gallon for $5! Thats where we got the paint for the living room and dinning room, the Opps! section.

On Sunday the weather was unseasonably warm. Almost 60 degrees! Alicia and I redid the bathroom, we spent $100 total and we painted the walls, got a new curtain for the window, got a new shower curtain and an arched dual shower rod. Looks nice. There are a few things I would like to do but that cost more money! I took Christian to the park for a while, he really likes to swing.Christian and I walked around town too. We watched the train go by at the train station by our house and then went to a candy store that was closing. For Christians party we got a Batman pinata and a whole bunch of candy for $10. To top of the day Alicia and I watched Wall-E...dont really get that movie, I need dialogue!


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