Monday, December 1, 2008

Its only been a week....

Its only been a week since we moved in. It feels like a lot longer. It may be because of the hour plus drive to work and the hour plus drive home...gosh the drive is getting old! So this weekend alicia and I spent most of saturday cleaning the downstairs and entertaining christian. I brought the camera to work today to upload pictures of the house but forgot the hopefully tomorrow. We got the kitchen cleaned up and everything put away. I went to home depot and bought new drill bits so i could finish the dinning room chairs, so now they are all done. Lastly, we got our living room all cleared up and we splurged a little....we got two bookcases to display our pictures and photo albums. it was only $30 for the two and it looks nice (again, i dont have a picture yet!).

On Sunday we drove around to see what else was around Wernersville. If you go west there isnt much at all, just a few small towns and by small i mean no grocery stores, no schools, no blockbusters....they are nice little towns, Robesonia, Womelsdorf, and Bernville. Each town has the "hollywood" main street with all the quaint stores and local restaurant. There is a lot of farms out that way and oddly, there seem to be more car dealerships then houses. We passed Clover Farms which produces some of the best chocolate milk in the area! We passed Clover Hills Winery and Murdo's Christmas Barn. We found a lot of 24 hour laundry mats too. A block from out house is this shop called Fine and Devine ( i think) that displays local artist works and most of it you can buy. It has paintings, furniture, jewelery, clothing and little odds and ends. so really interesting things, a little bit pricey for local art but....

Sunday night we watched No Country for Old Men, thanks dad for the heads up on this movie, it was a very different movie. I liked it, alicia well not so much. She said it had no real plot but it seemed pretty obvious and simple to me, guy steals money, other guy tracks him down to get it you said dad, some sences are pretty violent.

Anyway, its time to get back to work. We are short handed today. Its slow but still.... I need to remind myself to bring the camera cord to upload the pictures.


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