Monday, December 22, 2008

A Great, Relaxing Weekend

It was a great weekend. I didnt have to work and we didnt have any commitments. Saturday morning christian made us breakfast in bed! He woke up around 6 and we werent ready to get up so we opened his door and playroom door and let him play so we can sleep in a little bit longer. He was playing with his kitchen set and after a bit he brought us a dish with play carrots in it! We didnt do much on saturday, just cleaned and played with christian and kc.

We took christian to the Fairgrounds Mall to see Santa but Santa wasnt there until 11 and we got there at 10. In the middle of the mall there were some inflatable gyms for kids and of course christian wanted to play in the end of the mall there was a JC Penny Outlet store. Alicia's grandparents gave us a computer with a printer and a scanner (which we are very appreciative of!) but we didnt have anywhere to put it. Well, at the JC Penny Outlet store they had a black kitchen table that was on sale for $10! Needless to say, we got it.

After christians nap we went to the Berkshire Mall to see their Santa. He was so excited to see him and waited so nicely for 20 minutes and as soon as it was our turn he freaked out. Christian got shy and wouldnt stop squeezing Alicia. So in the picture with Santa, Alicia is sitting next to him while christian lays on her other shoulder...I'll post it tomorrow

On Sunday we woke up and there was snow! There was about 2 inches total and it stopped around lunch time....KC took to the snow and christian wasnt so sure about it. It took a while to finally warm up to it but when he did...there is this metal pole in our backyard, its in the corner but of course christian would find it! I told him not to play with it but of course what 2 year old would listen. Christian touched the pole and what do you know, his glove freezes to the pole! I dont kno wif he thought his hand was stuck but he was freaking out...(its a little blurry but you get the idea!)
And to top of the weekend, Alicia and I watched The Dark Knight...a very great movie

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