Monday, December 15, 2008

Koziar's Christmas Village

So this weekend was pretty good. I had to work yet again on saturday. Sucks...I spent friday night at my moms and slept over again. I went out with some friends to applebees's, then went bowling. Alicia and Christian went home. This weekend i dont have to work saturday so we plan on locking the doors and turning off the cell phones and just enjoy the house and not having to be anywhere! Saturday was spent doing mostly nothing. Playing with christian and cleaning/organzing the house.

On Sunday, we decided to walk around Penn Ave in West Reading. Half the shops were closed but the ones that we went to were really nice. This one store was called La Retro Gifts. Its a kids toy store with old fashioned toys, wooden toys and baby clothes. The other store we went to was Sweet Surprise and it was a candy surpirse with other trinkets. It was expensive though. We got a chocolate covered oreo for nearly $2! You could almost buy a book of choco covered oreos for that price...The last store we stopped at was a consignment shop. It had a lot of antiques and unique gifts. Alicia saw this bush type things for sale and got a few of them for the vase on the dinning table. I forget the name of it but its some weird name. To top off our walk we stopped at Haute Chocolate. Its a cafe with a lot of different varieties of hot chocolate. Mostly organic stuff so i wasnt a big fan.

Also on sunday I decided to clean up the backyard. It wasnt really messy but just fixing it up. There is this little patch of grass next to the patio, the grass is surrounded by cement so it looks a little out of place. We cleaned that up because it was all over grown and had this really cheap plastic edging. Right through our backyard is a walk way (everyone has it) but the old owners decided to put a wooden beam next to the path. The beam was a trip hazard for christian so we pulled that up and it was nailed down with 2 foot nails. We moved the storage shed too. The one thing we noticed is that we may need to replace the fence. Not out of wanting to but out of needing to. The fence is really shaky and unstable. There is chicken wire along the fence and KC can easily get out if she was only smarter!

Nana Sue and Christy came over for dinner and a show.....oh, before i forget....while i was making dinner for everyone christian really wanted to help and see what was going on. So i propped him up next to me and he watched as Alicia peeled the carrots and i cut the onions. Well after a few minutes i hear Christian whinning, I look over and there he is, rubbing his eyes and crying. The smell of the onion must have been too much for him. Below is the picture we took...

The reason her mom and Christy came over was to go to Koziar's Christmas Villiage. They are celebrating their 60th year. My mom and dad said that they took my sisters and I there when we were younger. It was a lot of fun, a little crowded but fun. There were so many displays and lights. Christian really enjoyed himself. He was ooohhh and aaaahhh (ing) at everything. They had an outdoor train display and and indoor one too. They had Sesame Street characters and Peanut Characters. Christians favorite display was the Christmas under the Sea display. It was a little room you look in and it's suppose to be underwater. They had a blacklight on with all the different colors and animals. He enjoyed that one the most. Maybe Alicia and I will make it a tradition every year. Its only 15 minutes from our house.

Now monday is almost over for me, Thank God! Its not a good day....I cant wait for Christmas Eve!

If you click on the title of this blog, it takes you to the christmas village's website

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Deborah said...

Awwww - poor little guy! He looks so grown up in this picture! Mom