Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hands On House & Landis Valley

Today Alicia had to work from 10-7 and I had both the boys. After Jackson woke up from his nap at 10:30 Alicia's mom, Jack, Olivia and all three of us went to the Hands on House in Lancaster. They had a few new exibits like a construction zone and a nature area where you can build different types of birds and fly them. Christian just did his own thing and explored the different areas. Jackson was very good too! I had him in chest carrier and he just looked around taking it all in. His favorite area was the Make Believe area, they had a wall of mirrors and he just loved looking at himself.

After playing there for a while across the parking lot the Landis Valley Museum had their annual Harvest Days. Landis Valley is a turn of the century town set up with period actors that are making candles the way they did during that time, or carving a pig for dinner. We didnt stay too long but it was a neat experience and I would like to go back and see what all they have to offer.

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MrsK Clicks said...

One of these days we need to suck it up and just make the drive down to that place. It looks like a ton of fun.