Saturday, October 31, 2009


It was Jackson's first Halloween! And we weren't going to let a little rain ruin our area the times for trick or treating is 6-8. Jackson went as a blue M&M, it's hard to see and Christian was Woody from Toy Story. It was drizzling at 6 but all of us and our neighbor/ friend Tina, her son and his friend Mason embarked on our adventure in the rain. For the first 30 minutes it rain and it just got harder. I had Jackson in the chest carrier with his hat on, alicia was by herself under her umbrella and Christian held Tina's hand under her umbrella.

There wasn't a lot of people out, but there was a good number of houses to visit. Christian must have been chosen as the spokesperson for the group because ever house we went to he would be the one to say trick or treat! He did good for the most part, some houses he would grab to huge handfuls of candy so we had to tell him to give some of it back. Jackson fell asleep shortly after we left.

We went to the Cone and if you were dressed up they would give you a free small ice cream cone! So that was a nice treat for the boys. By this time Jackson woke up and ready to "play" he saw that I was eating ice cream and decided he wanted some. He kept reaching for it so I let him have a lick or two, or 10.....

Despite the rain, it was good night and I'm glad we did.

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